Freesat Logos

Published on 30 November 2007 in ,

I suspect that when the Freesat launched the other day, it was the first time that anyone had seen, publicly, the Freesat logo. And a few eagle eyed people might have noticed that Freesat originally had a completely different logo, which appeared at a press launch some time ago.

So here’s a “before and after” shot.

Two Freesat logos - the original, then the version which appeared at the launch of the website

Have to say, I prefer the original one – although perhaps not the colour, however I do like the quirkiness of putting a stylised satellite dish on top of a “stand” which is also conviently an A, and when put together looks like someone who just so happy to have their free to air satellite television.

In contrast I’m not entirely sure what the new one is. However it is lowercase, and all logos seem to have to be lowercase these days (cue Next, HMV, London Transport Museum and err… someone else I’m sure)

Incidentally to avoid confusion which some may have had, I’m not actually a part of Freesat itself – they’re a separate company, owned by the BBC and ITV. The BBCi on Freesat stuff I’m working on, is part of the BBC’s Future Media and Technology team. So the choice of logo wasn’t mine!


  • Catherine says:

    Plectrums. The bottom logo has a load of plectrums in it!

  • Sue Hibberd says:

    freesat, itv1 london 2012, k. d. lang: the shift key is in danger of beconing redundant.
    At least the Doctor Who Logo is still in capitals!