The Intelligence of Comment Spammers

Published on 18 February 2008 in , , ,

Sadly it seems that the introduction of SpamFirewall to this site hasn’t totally dried up the comment spam coming in, although it has certainly decreased it.

So I continue to be checking through the spam folder for any false positives (they rarely happen but you never know) and spotted this one:

As the de facto administrator of the [NAME REMOVED] blog, I’ve spent many an hour deleting spammy links left in the comments section –

– comments that usually lead back to the same kinds of Web sites you most commonly see advertised in junk e-mail.

Ah, I thought. A false positive. A rather crap comment true, but one which presumably was in response to the whole comment spam issue.

Then I noticed it was posted up on an entry about the BBC relocation package for those affected by the Salford move.

Then scrolled down and I spotted the other 11 identical posts, all put up in random locations. A quick check of the posts and I found the URL the comment author had given, certainly wasn’t going to be about security fixes.

I have to congratulate the person who came up with that message. You nearly fooled me. Nearly being the operative word. Just a shame your inbuilt stupidity took over at the last minute.