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Comment Spam of the Day

Published on 3 April 2008 in ,

Most of the time, the comment spam I get from my blog is pretty ordinary junk - sex sites, MP3s, etc. Then there's the "posting almost-geniune looking comments but with a hidden agenda to promote a commercial web URL" - which seem to have a strange focus on buying houses, double glazing and, for some reason, a lingerie blog.

Comments now back – and the battle to get SpamFirewall running

Published on 16 February 2008 in , , , ,

Well you're a right bunch of miserable people. Not one email to keep me company whilst the comments were down! Tsk! What do you think you're playing at? Call yourself blog readers... Anyway, they're back up now following some intensive hunting to find the cause of spam comments somehow making it on the site, despite all comments being pre-moderated.

Comment Spam

Published on 5 February 2008 in , , , ,

I confess to being mildly concerned when I logged into Movable Type just now and found a great big whopping piece of comment spam had somehow managed to get itself onto an article yesterday.