Packaging Madness

Published on 23 February 2008 in ,

Packaging Madness

Packaging Madness, originally uploaded by bods.

A fantastic piece of packaging came my way today.

A piece of RAM for a new laptop of size 7cm x 3cm x 0.5xm, which arrived in a cardboard box the size of 30cm x 24cm x 14cm.

Area of packaging required: 10.5cm3.

Area of packaging delivered: 10080cm3.



  • Kirk says:

    That’ll be then?
    I always go to crucial for ram – cheap, guaranteed to fit your PC and free postage too.

  • Andrew Bowden says:

    Ebuyer actually. I normally use Crucial for RAM but was buying a new laptop via Ebuyer so ended up getting the RAM as well.

  • Ray Cathode says:

    Box shifting companies use a minimum size of box so that your order won’t get lost down the back of the seat, drains etc.
    The Royal Mail charges less for delivering packets and envelopes but not their competing parcel companies.
    To send your empty box costs them the same as if it were completely full.
    The internet works the same way, as long as you don’t exceed the safe operating capacity, IP packets can be delivered with or without data for the same fee.