Comment Spam of the Day

Published on 3 April 2008 in ,

Most of the time, the comment spam I get from my blog is pretty ordinary junk – sex sites, MP3s, etc. Then there’s the “posting almost-geniune looking comments but with a hidden agenda to promote a commercial web URL” – which seem to have a strange focus on buying houses, double glazing and, for some reason, a lingerie blog.

However sometimes there’s a spam comment that just makes me laugh. Like this one:

Blah-blah-blah. I don’t care about you opinion, your words mean nothing to me. I’m big, bad and always just.

Even better, it was posted to a recent copy of Letters to the Editor so seemed even more wonderfully appropiate! (Maybe it’s just me…)

The timing was always gloriously topical as funnily enough, other night I was pondering why we, the human race, are such an argumentative bunch who seem to delight in going online to denounce everyone who didn’t agree with you as being wrong, proclaiming that every decision made by someone is wrong, and generally being nasty and horrible to each other. And lo, a spam comment that seems to fit in nicely with that theme. Clearly this spam commenter is onto something…