links for 2008-11-27

Published on 27 November 2008 in

  • I always think the fact that you don’t get a green man AND have cars turning right at the same helps make Britain’s pedestrian crossings some of the best in the world. But big minus points to cars that don’t let you cross safely, by zooming through on red.
  • "I’m always conscious of trying not to swear too gratuitously on this blog – it’s not professional. And this move is all about financial revenue rather than doing anything to combat binge drinking. But how fucking stupid do you have to be to give tax breaks on the drinks that teenagers are throwing up in the streets, and single out the beer that many people enjoy responsibly in community pubs for special punishment?" Pete Brown – author of two fantastic beer books (buy, buy, buy) – puts the boot in.
  • "The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced that the results of a public consultation on the western extension mean he will begin the legal processes required to remove the Western Extension of the Congestion Charging zone. Over two thirds of Londoners and businesses responding to the consultation on the future of the zone have said they want it scrapped." Londoners vote not to pay a tax – SHOCK!
  • I mention this only because it was mentioned on the show the other night, and when Catherine tried to use it, it gave a Server Failure. The concept of a stressed server amused me mightily. My stress score is, incidentally, normal. Mind you perhaps if I was stressed when filling it in, it would be a bit different…
  • I was rather annoyed that I had to miss this session at work about journalists and blogging, so it was good to read Jem’s write up. Although is Robert Peston saying he doesn’t mind rude comments, just asking for trouble?