About the Daily Links

Published on 30 November 2008 in , , , ,

Regular readers of this blog will probably have noticed by now the arrival of Daily Links.

Basically the reason for the addition was that the Planet Bods Trust – the officious body which oversees the activies of the Planet Bods Online Network Corporation – met recently and in their service licence review of the Planet Bods Network, decided that the site wasn’t linking out enough. It’s position as a major player in the web, wasn’t being used to drive users elsewhere – preferably as far away from the Planet Bods site as possible.

Oh, hang on. I appear to have got my site mixed up with the BBC. Ah. Sorry about that.

Let’s try again.

Basically the Daily Links section is exactly what you’d expect – in the average day, I end up at various sites, and see and read interesting things. Normally that would just get lost in the ether, so I decided, as many have done before, collect them up and link them from this blog.

I am, almost inevitably, using social booking marking tool Delicious to power all this, and you can add me to your network if you use Delicious yourself. And if you’re so inclined, you can also get a dedicated RSS feed of my links too.

So there you – hope you like what you see. Don’t hesitate to say if you don’t!

And if you know why, when Delicious posts to my blog, it doesn’t seem to handle categories correctly (the first publish is always category-less despite the category being assigned) I’d love to hear from you too!