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Published on 7 December 2008 in

  • Been watching the show, and the food looks fantastic. Yet to try any of it, but this morning I decided to print off some recipes. But there’s a fundamental issue with the website – NO print version. Recipes are the kind of content that are crying out for a simple printable page, and yet no one seems to have bothered to think about it. But it gets worse than that as most of my printouts failed to print out anything other than a BBC Two logo and a copyright statement. When I did get one to work, half the page was empty due to it having a non-printable video window. I gave up in the end and will now move to copying the text into a new document. Which is completely and utterly bonkers.


  • Just went to a recipie page, and print preview in IE8, seems to show all recipie, dont have a printer installed so cannot actually print it though.
    Maybe IE7 will work also?

  • Andrew Bowden says:

    I’m a Linux user so IE’s not an option for me. However I did learn today you can’t trust web browser previews – what Firefox showed as a preview, and what actually came out of the printer were two very different things.