It’s a ‘What Have I Linked To?’ fest!

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November 25 in the year of 2008. A date worthy of note and regard. Why? Well because it was the first day I published Daily Links on this blog.

Amongst the first links, a comment about milkmen, blog comments and Columbo eating chilli.

So if that’s not a milestone to celebrate, I don’t know what is.


Photo by Raveges. Creative Commons licensed.

Well okay, there’s no milestone. No real reason to write the rest of this post right now other than the fact that it came to mind.

I was editing a link in Delicious, and I spotted the “Top 10 Tags” on the right of the page, and it gave me an insight into the kind of topics I’ve been linking to. Then it confused me as the number in the right column doesn’t always seem to match the number of links I actually have. But that aside, lets have a look, in the old time honoured countdown format:

10 – public transport

With 13 links, it’s a mixture of posts about railways, buses and even trams.

My favourite of the lot remains On A Bus which shows you London bus routes plotted on a Google Map. That said, I don’t think the one for the 459 is quite right�

9 – buses

If I wasn’t in London I might not get away with these 15 links. People would think I’m geeky and bus obsessed. Oh hang on…

Okay, I don’t go around taking photos of the new Encrypo 1232er running on route X69, but as public transport is used in London by far more people than any other part of the country and huge numbers of Londoners don’t have cars, it’s something we frankly should pay a bit more attention and interest in.

Indeed surprisingly buses even beat London Underground. Most of the posts featured the supposed death of the “evil cyclist-crushing bendy bus” in London, to quote Diamond Geezer.

8 – BBC News

And with 16 links it’s BBC News – a plethora of stories about BBC News, salaries, exclusives and Robert Peston related stuff. Lots of Robert actually.

7 – BBC Online

Lots of blog posts (well 17) in here from the BBC Internet Blog and blog posts about the BBC. As the nation’s premier UK based content provider, I’m not surprised it’s there. Surprising it beats BBC Red Button but lets not go there.

And a reminder too of Sophie Walpole proclaiming “Last time I closed something down on BBC Online I was described as a cow which caused my mother to splutter over her morning coffee. I’ve warned her that I’m closing something down again…” in a post for the Internet Blog

6 – Boris Johnson

Well he’s Mayor of London and I live in London. Go figure. If I’d been doing this for longer, no doubt Ken Livingstone would be up there. As it is, he only has two links to Boris’s 19.

5 – Mayor of London

Sneaking in with 20 links – not all the same as the Boris ones either. The wonders of consistent tagging, eh?

4 – radio

Have I ever mentioned I love radio? To be honest, think it’s better than TV most of the time, and it’s certainly underrated in comparison. Always wanted to work in radio – radio and new media would do me. I’d love it and my red button experience means I know a hell of a lot about visualising radio! Got a job going? Why not drop me a line?

So that aside� 21 links and none about Ross/Brand or indignant outrage about “dumbing down”.

3 – television

You know all that stuff I said about radio being better than TV� Well you know the only reason there’s more links about television (43) is because there’s just more going on. Radio just gets on with it. TV has to make a big splash about everything. TV is just such a limelight hogger. Get lost television.

Top link from this lot, and one which might not be around for long as it’s on Geocities, yes it’s the The History of Tom Baker’s Scarves! Doctor Who that is�

2 – london

Bods gets local. Well as local as you can in what is, in essence, a major city sized localness. Yep, I live here and I’m interested in what goes on here. And if you’re not, well sorry. But it’s my site and you can’t stop me.

61 links.

1 – bbc

Okay this surprised me. A whopping 116 links and the main reason I started on this post in the first place. It’s that combination of television, radio, media industry stuff, red button, online and it just shows that the BBC is big. And when you’re big you generate stuff to link to.

It also helps that I’m interested in the media in general, and to be honest most of the big media stories these days involve the BBC or Channel 4. Indeed it’s the reason I rarely contribute to the Transdiffusion Media Blog these days – just nothing I can write about that’s not too close to home!

So anyway, there you go. Exciting eh? Well okay. It was a blog post. You want insight and a post at the same time? Well tough. I’ve been too busy drinking beer�.