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Links for 5 March 2010

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Radio boss: Commercial sector will gain nothing from 6 Music closure – The Drum "Commercial radio can never replicate 6 Music’s cultural value – it’s not viable for us to do so. The commercial landscape has featured many fine rock music stations that have never made any real money – over time we water them down and gently shepherd them back towards the traditional commercial heartland. We will gain nothing from this closure yet the music industry will lose much." Lily Allen: Why we must save BBC 6 Music – The Guardian "If they close 6 Music, instead of acts like Seasick Steve and presenters like Lauren Laverne, it will be the Pussycat Dolls and Fearne Cotton on Radio 1." The BBC Strategy Review & BBC Radio – About the BBC Blog Tim Davie does a rather half-hearted defence of the closure of 6music by describing it as "distinctive, much loved and I too am passionate about it's output". The comments aren't exactly positive, raising a number of points – points the posters believe to be valid and want a response to. As one commenter is nor impressed…. "Will no one from the BBC engage with us in this discussion... View Article

Links for 19 January 2010

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This website recently moved webservers and, almost inevitably, this meant something broke. That something was the way Delicious posts the Daily Links to the blog. Quite how I get the confounded thing to work again, goodness knows. I have put in the right password (yes, even the Web Services one). I have put in the right username. I have put in the right URL. And no. It doesn’t work. So whilst I curse and curse and curse Delicious’s awful blog posting system (I mean, come on guys, it really does suck big style), here’s the links that went awol. The Freeview HD ‘con’: Even viewers with the latest TVs will need to pay £170 for high definition channels – Daily Mail Classic misunderstanding piece about HD TV results in a classic piece of Daily Mail alarmist scaremongering. Unfortunately the Mail blame the wrong people. It’s not Freeview’s fault that people don’t understand what “HD Ready” means. HDTV – your personal route to confusion – Transdiffusion Media Blog “‘HD Ready’ is perhaps the worst marketing term you could give for a TV – ‘ready for HD TV’ is most likely to be taken as, ‘hey, when HD TV starts, this will... View Article