Links for 10 February 2010

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  • The professional masquerade – The F-Word

    "When I started, I was treated by my manager to an introductory lecture about dress code. She presumed this would be sufficient to educate me in ‘professional’ and ‘non-professional’ work attire… I wore a black dress the next day with flats, as I figured that was pretty unassuming. How wrong I was. Hauled into her office, I was told I looked like a whore and that my dress had caused complaints from male co-workers who insisted that I was ‘distracting’ them from work and they couldn’t focus with such an outfit in the office."

  • Guardian Media Group sells regional business to Trinity Mirror –

    GMG flogs off a host of papers in the North West and South of England. But perhaps the biggie is the Manchester Evening News, thus pretty much ending the Guardian's link with Manchester's newspaper scene.

  • The Royal Borough of Merton? (From Wimbledon Guardian)

    "It might now be a giant shopping centre, but the former site of Merton Priory in Colliers Wood lays claim to be the only place outside Westminster Abbey where a King or Queen of England has been crowned in the last 1,000 years." I'm less convinced by the graphics department's attempt at a "Royal" logo for Merton… Great use of clip art there dudes.

  • Automatic fare collection and you – Film collection, London Transport Museum

    Explaining ticket gates and ticket machines to London Underground customers in 1969. I love old films like this – offers a wonderful insight to another world. The London Transport Museum also have several other videos from the archives online.

  • The elephant will never forget – Film collection, London Transport Museum

    Another delight from the London Transport Museum film archive – this one lamenting the loss of the London Tram. If they'd been withdrawn these days, all you'd get would be some dodgy filmed footage on YouTube… As it happens, three of London's old trams are lovingly preserved at the National Tramway Museum in Crich, Derbyshire. I went there myself about 15 years ago – they have a mile long track where they drive the trams down and everything.

  • The Ultimate Driving Experience – National Tramway Museum

    Ever wanted to learn how to drive a tram? Bet you haven't before, but do now! Well, okay I do now! So very tempting…