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Links for 15 February 2010

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  • BBC Trust’s service review of Radio 2 and 6 Music

    As a 6music listener, I was particularly keen to see what the Trust thought of the station during its recent review. It seems pretty positive stuff with some sensible tweaks to the format and encouragement.

  • Flickr: London dot gov

    The Greater London Authority is getting all social media and inviting you – yes that's YOU – to join their flickr group and post photos of London. I suspect they won't want ones of graffiti, overcrowded tube trains and traffic jams though.

  • Ban all advertising in public spaces, says thinktank –

    If I remember correctly, over in the kingdom of Bhutan they did something akin to what this thinktank are suggesting. The idea is that the key to success of the country is not wealth but the happiness of the population. I think they banned billboards as part of that. It's an intriguing concept and as someone who has to walk past about 15 billboards in a mere ten minute walk to the tube station, one I'd happily support!

  • Gross national happiness – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Wikipedia explains Bhutan's concept of Gross National Happiness

  • Noel Edmonds develops TV quizshow starring a monkey –

    "In an echo of fictional TV character Alan Partridge's idea for a programme called Monkey Tennis, Edmonds' idea is for a quizshow in which questions are asked but are chosen at random for contestants by a monkey picking up stones, filmed as pre-record." It's not April 1st is it? [Checks date] Oh no. It's not…

  • Sky closes in on deal to buy Virgin Media TV channels –

    Quite why Sky would want Virgin 1 and Challenge is a good question, although no doubt Living and Bravo would be good investments. Or Sky Living and Sky Bravo as they'd undoubtedly become.