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Links for 17 March 2010

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  • GMG to drop original programming and cut staff at Channel M –

    Says something about local TV in the UK if Guardian Media Group can't even make it work in a city the size of Manchester.

  • Sam Smiths Pubs Locations

    Sam Smiths are a strange company. They don't do music. They don't advertise. Food is usually very basic. It's hard to buy their beers anywhere other than their pubs. They only sell their own products, with the odd exception of McCoy's crisps. They don't even have a website. Their pubs don't even have their logo on it. They don't particularly innovate. At all. And they haven't put their prices up (bar duty) for about 18 years, so you can get a pint for less than £2. Oh and they have some of the finest, best looking and well looked after pubs you'll find in the UK. But you'd never know where they are. Unless someone created a website to tell you… Top marks to James Gretton then!

  • A brief view of the power of Samuel Smiths Old Brewey – Tadcaster

    From BBC's Inside Out Yorks and Lincs, a different insight into the strange world of Sam Smiths, and their owner…

  • EXCLUSIVE: Martson’s redefines Cask Ale – Pete Brown’s Beer Blog

    Marston's have apparently come up with a method of storing cask ale whereby the yeast in the cask all clumps together in beads which won't dissolve in the beer like traditional beads will. It also removes the need for fish finings so cask ale would become fine for vegetarians and vegans too. Interesting stuff in the science of beer!

  • Mortgage Calculator: Rate rises, overpayments, ditch fix?… – Money Saving Expert

    Interesting calculator which allows you to work out how interest rate changes and overpaying will affect your mortgage. For me, even just overpaying by £100 a month would knock almost three years off our mortgage. The message is clear – overpay your mortgage if you can to save money!

  • Tubewhacking

    Pimlico is the only tube station which doesn't contain any letters from "Badger". Pimlico also doesn't include any of the letters from "Andrew" too. I know cos this bonkers tool told me!