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Links for 9 April 2010

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  • Election already over in nearly 400 seats – Electoral Reform Society

    The Electoral Reform Society believe that there's 382 safe seats – that's over half the seats in parliament – that just won't change hands in this forthcoming election. One of them is Mitcham and Morden where the current Labour MP's 60,000 odd majority seems unlikely to be toppled. (Siobhain McDonagh seems to be noted mainly for spending more on stationary than every other MP and the fact she tried and failed to topple Gordon Brown.) The Tories were out campaigning at the tube station the other night but, bless their little cotton socks, they don't stand a chance. Personally I will be voting as I do in almost all elections – for the candidate I believe in most. It's unlikely it will make a difference either way, but no vote is a wasted vote.

  • Nick Ferrari earns record five Sony nods as 6 Music makes strong showing –

    Someone notices quality when they see it then… (I'm talking 6music, not Nick Ferrari…)

  • Campaign to save 6 Music takes the Biscuit – The Guardian

    Get your Joy Division Oven Gloves!

  • 6 Music: Adam Buxton and Liz Kershaw join protest at BBC –

    Sadly I was away else I would have been there with a placard. And looks like I missed out on 6music cupcakes! Gutted. Oh and SAVE OUR STATION!

  • London journalists should stop sneering at towns outside the capital – Comment is free – The Guardian

    "Those of us who live in London find those glimmers of light that make life wonderful. We know our little patch has more than pound shops and fried chicken bars – we know where the lovely park is, or the perfect grocery shop, or the little street that is so -beautiful when the street lamps catch the drizzle that our souls soar. And those who work in the London media – and Lord knows we on the Guardian are as bad as any of our rivals – like to tell the rest of Britain about our pride. When the rest of Britain tells us they have those miniature wonders, too – in Basingstoke, or Grimsby, or Newark – we treat them like liars."


  • The majority in Mitcham and Morden is more like 12500. There isn’t an MP in the country with a vote as high as 60000, let alone a majority. Probably just as well.

  • Andrew Bowden says:

    That’s what happens when you skim read spreadsheets – not only do you misread the number and inflate it, but you read it off the wrong line!