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Links for 4 May 2010

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  • Which is the oldest political party still standing? – BBC News

    Ever wanted to know? Well BBC News reveals. Not surprisingly it neatly sidesteps the fun of the original Tory and Whig parties which, ultimately, are the ultimate are the root of the modern Conservative party and indeed the Liberal Democrats.

  • The Joy of 6

    " The Joy of 6 is a platform for the entire UK music community to come together to publicly demonstrate its support for BBC Radio 6 Music. The website showcases strong messages and pleas from a range of artists, songwriters, managers and performers. Our aim is to persuade the BBC Trust not to approve the BBC’s proposal to close a wonderfully unique and eclectic station that contributes so much to British music culture and the diversity of the UK music industry. Supporters are invited to post links to the videos and messages contained on this website to personal pages on social networking and other websites. "

  • Election 2010: What influence do newspapers have over voters? – The Guardian

    Interesting piece from Roy Greenslade which contains a table of the way which newpaper encouraged its readers to vote, and who, of course, won it. Who on earth would have expected the Daily Mail to come out in favour of a Liberal/Conservative coalition?

  • BBC 6 Music’s online audience soars –

    Not surprisingly the proposed closure of BBC Radio 6music has done wonders for letting people know the station exists – so much so that it's seen a 50% rise in online listening. Let's hope those new listeners both stay with the station, and have a station left to listen to and enjoy…