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Links for 17 May 2010

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  • London’s ‘new Routemaster’ design unveiled – BBC News

    Apparently Boris thinks it's "iconic" and "beautiful". I think it looks like a bizarre red curvy box. It's certainly not a Routemaster. Given how much the thing is costing London, perhaps it should be really called "Boris's Folly" instead…

  • Photo of a Bristol VR

    And to show you my inner bus geekiness (a mis-spent youth spent riding the wheels around Tameside), the so called "New Bus for London" has a body quite clearly based on the 1960s Bristol VR…

  • Wimbledon estate agent’s porn site prank ‘went wrong’ – Wimbledon Guardian

    In the dark world of estate agents, one company bought a domain name with the name of another company and set it to redirect to hardcore porn. Given the very poor image many people have of estate agents, it's perhaps not the best way to represent your profession…

  • BBC 6 Music’s audience rises 50% – The Guardian

    One of those "Well who would have thought it? Oh yes, I am being sarcastic…" moments. 6music has some proper publicity, LOTS of people find out what it does, and ratings increase. Shame BBC management couldn't be bothered to promote it properly BEFORE trying to close it. Most of the ad campaigns around 6music in the past have, if we're absolutely honest, been useless and told people nothing about the station.

  • 6 Music and Asian Network win Sony radio awards – BBC News

    Heartiest congratulations to Jarvis Cocker and to Adam and Joe. And indeed everyone who works on those programmes. Two awards very much deserved. Just a shame the BBC's management doesn't seem to have any clue of the gems they have got.

  • Giant speech bubble bid to combat pub noise – BBC News

    So you could put a big perspex space suit helmet type thing on in order to listen to people speak. Or you could make yourself look less stupid and just go to a pub that isn't insanely loud in the first place…

  • Designed by people that hate you. No, really « Made by Many

    "Self-service checkout machines. Is there any other machine we interact with in the modern world that is quite so odious?" I'm struggling to think of one… Several times I've been at Tesco White City and just given up and left my chocolate croissant or whatever having failed in a battle with those wretched machines.

  • Electoral reform: Alternative vote system would have had minimal impact on outcome of general election –

    The Electoral Reform Society has tried to show how different voting systems may have affected the overall results. Alternative Vote would have narrowed the gap significantly between Labour and the Conservatives, whilst boosting the Lib Dems a bit. Single Transferable Vote (the fairest system for my money) would have kept the gap between Labour and the Conservatives, really boosted the Lib Dems big style, and given other parties and increase as well. Looking at these results, its no surprise that both Labour and the Conservatives are currently only offering Alternative Vote – their historical power would be swept away under STV.

  • The only election graphic you need – Martin Belam’s currybetdotnet blog

    This graphic sums up why I believe in electoral reform in the UK. And regardless of which party you support, I firmly believe everyone should welcome a system that makes Parliament more representative of the people and its views.