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Daily Links for 10 June 2010

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For some reason I haven’t got round to posting links recently so they’ve been sitting around in Delicious just waiting for me to get my backside in gear. So here goes…

  • Why don’t more restaurants do this?- 90 Percent of Everything

    What? Put on the bill the cost per person? Bonkers. It'll never take off…

  • Old and resistant to change? Why embeddable fonts make me nervous… – Martin Belam’s currybetdotnet blog

    "I'm sure there were people complaining that the introduction of <font color="blue"> in HTML 3.2 would unleash anarchy…" Well it did. For a bit anyway.

  • That crass and overly commercial cycle hire logo – MayorWatch

    "I’m sure we’re all very grateful to the shareholders of Barclays for spending some of their marketing budget on slapping their logo all over the bikes and uniforms of staff but frankly this new roundel (pictured) brings crass commercialism crashing down to whole new levels of bad. […] Allowing the roundel – a true icon of London – to be absorbed into a glorified advert like this is pretty crass. Sadly, in order to show you how bad it is I need to display it on the site otherwise it wouldn’t get screen space." Can't deny it. It's awful and sets a dangerous precedent. TESCO London Underground no doubt coming soon.

  • Come ride with me – Christian Wolmar

    Before the election I proclaimed one of the great losses would be the demise of Lord Adonis as transport secretary who has, for my money, been one of the best we've had in decades. Well, transport writer and journalist Christian Wolmar doesn't seem particularly impressed with Lord Adonis's replacement who apparently believes cycling in London is extremely dangerous, and who can't even cope with a ten minute walk between his office and Parliament. Looks promising as Transport Secretary, I'm sure you'll agree.

  • Price comparison « No Tesco in Stokes Croft

    From a campaign to stop a branch of Tesco opening in Stokes Croft in Bristol, comes a small survey on prices. People think the supermarkets offer the cheapest food, but as the survey found, that's not always the case – especially with smaller Tesco Express stores.

  • Press Red Blog: All Good Things…

    Difficult blog post to write, but then writing that something is closing should never be easy.

  • BBC Television Centre to be redeveloped as ‘cultural quarter’ – The Guardian

    Vaguely better than the original plans of just flogging off the place I suppose…