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Links for 13 September 2010

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I never seem to manage to keep these up to date these days. Does it matter? Do you care? Is anyone even reading…

  • iPlayer, iTunes succumb to Web2.0rhea – The Register

    "Apple's iTunes merely needs the option to hide its half-baked social network. For the BBC, the next version of iPlayer should be designed by people who've never used Facebook or Twitter, and don't have an iPhone. Incredible as it may seem, they not only exist, but are the real majority." The Register makes a compelling argument, and as a colleague of mine said… "Watching TV with the family. Isn't that social?"

  • Berney Arms – diamond geezer

    Ever since I read about this bizarre station in the middle of Norfolk, with its complete lack of road access and a path that goes to the local pub, I've wanted to visit it (and the pub). Now Diamond Geezer's been there and frankly I want to visit it even more (and the pub).

  • Open Source Release of MHEG+ Toolkit – BBC Internet Blog:

    A couple of years after it was first mooted (whoever said the BBC was slow to do anything?) the MHEG+ toolkit we use in BBC Red Button to build services on Freesat and Freeview has finally been open-sourced, complete with an emulator, a virtual tuner and a virtual remote control meaning anyone can now learn the wonders of MHEG and build their own interactive TV service. Well as long as you want to run it on a PC anyway!

  • Channel Tunnel in German high-speed train test – BBC News

    Looking forward to seeing what happens with the Deutsche Bahn trains running through the tunnel – would be great to get to leap on the train in St Pancras and be able to go across the world. And it might start putting some pressure on the UK to relax a little the completely over the top rules that international trains currently endue, including having to have completely isolated platforms and have the trains floating around platforms on the continent for an hour before they're due to go out.