One of the strangest “Japanese” meals I’ve ever seen

Published on 21 November 2012 in , , ,

From the Sushi Lady

Last year I got a smartphone. Great I thought. I can take photos of things and blog about them on the same day! Yeah. Right. Please imagine this was posted in June then…

When I used to work at LOVEFiLM’s offices in Acton, on Friday the Sushi Lady would come round selling sushi. And not just sushi but other Japanese stuff too.

In the summer of 2012 I was due to move offices to the new Amazon offices in central London. Funnily enough the Sushi Lady decided to head back to Japan.

On her final visit I decided to try something new. And saw this.

Rice salad, spiced carrots, some strange beef, sprouts and a cold fried egg. Well how could I not have it? It just had to be done.

It was a gourmet delight and no mistake. Well apart from the cold sprouts anyway. Traditional Japanese? Absolutely no idea.