2010-2019: a decade that was

Published on 31 December 2019 in

Bubbles n’ Brass at High Lea Park, New Mills




  • Start working in central London for the first time in eight years.
  • Son is born.
  • Go on holiday in Scotland during a period of much flooding. And Amsterdam when there was none.
  • Really nice local pub closes to be converted into housing and a bar. That never opens. And instead becomes a supermarket.



  • Not entirely happy in job.
  • Start hating job.
  • Hand in notice for job with no other job to go to.
  • Leave job.
  • Start taking son to Music Mayhem at Colliers Wood library on Mondays.
  • Visit pub called Lord Kitchener.


  • Decide to take six months off work.
  • Get offered new job at the place I was made redundant from in 2011.
  • Only have two and a half months off work.
  • Decision made to relocate family to Manchester.


  • Tell work I’m relocating to Manchester, and will need to leave. Get asked if I’d like to work from home instead.
  • Put house up for sale.
  • Pack up belongings and move in with in-laws in Manchester’s suburbs.
  • Daughter is born.
  • Son starts nursery.
  • Buy new house.
  • Move into new house.
  • Collapse, exhausted. A lot.


  • Son starts school. Tearful moment as we watch him confidentially stroll through the door and start talking to his teacher about trains.
  • Have holiday in London. And France.


  • Grandad dies, aged 101.
  • Refurbish en-suite bathroom, main bathroom and a bedroom.
  • Delete Facebook account.
  • Have holiday in France.
  • Unexpectedly re-visit the Lord Kitchener.


  • Restart blog.
  • Spend so much time in London for work, I consider moving back.
  • Refurbish master bedroom after it had been empty for 18 months.
  • Have holiday in Tenby.
  • Get frustrated by the UK. Repeatedly.


To be confirmed.