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Glasgow: Transport

Published on 2 September 2004 in , , , , , , ,

To be honest, we didn’t go far out of the city centre bar the bus trip to and from the airport (quick quick though) but there are a hell of a lot of buses in Glasgow – most operated by First, and including some extremely old and dubious buses in a very dark red livery. Being sad like that, I did notice that the company address did vary between buses with buses being either run by First Glasgow (No. 1) Ltd or First Glasgow (No. 2) Ltd. Both based at the same address… Quite why the split remains, who knows, and who cares. But on my return I did find out that First Glasgow (No. 1) was the former Strathclyde Buses (the former PTE operator) whist No. 2 was “Kelvin Central” – a privatised chunk of the Scottish Bus Group which was later bought by Strathclyde Buses before they sold out to First. First also operated a ‘classic bus’ tourist service operating in a livery based on that used by the old Glasgow Corporation – orange, green and cream. Their idea of ‘classic’ seemed to consist of some battered Leyland Atlanteans from the 1970s and 1980s and two London Routemasters.... View Article


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We don't often do stuff at Bank Holiday weekends, but Catherine was going to Glasgow to attend some dull sounding archive conference, so we decided to go up early and make a weekend of it.