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Stagecoach Manchester is axing the popular 358 Stockport to Hayfield bus – why bus franchising is probably to blame. And potentially the solution.

Published on 4 August 2022 in , , , , , , ,

A Stagecoach Manchester bus on the 358 route, stood at New Mills bus station

Recently I found out that Stagecoach Manchester is to axe the 358 Stockport to Hayfield bus. It's a bus I know well and is always busy. But it's now due to get the axe. Why? Well we don't know for sure, but it's likely to be a quirk of Greater Manchester's move to bus franchising.

Navigating the craziness of day tickets in Manchester’s public transport network

Published on 15 January 2020 in , , ,

GMPTE's M logo on the glass of Stockport bus station

A common complaint about rail fares is how complex they are. That trying to work out the cheapest fare often requires a great deal of research and knowledge. Given how many times friends and family have asked me what the best ticket to buy for whatever scenario, there has to be some truth in this. But it's not a problem isolated to trains. It's true of buses as well. And other modes of travel like trams too.