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A tale slightly tenuously linked to Burton’s Menswear

Published on 1 December 2020 in , ,

The news that Arcadia Group, owners of brands like Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins, and Burton Menswear, has gone into administration, reminded me of something. Actually it reminded me of many things. But my Top Man chenille roll neck jumper, whilst fantastic, isn't worthy of writing about. The metallic silver trousers, probably are, but that brings about a whole other conversation.


Published on 10 June 2019 in ,

It started with a tweet. And ended with a Google search and a fire engine. Also there's some pointless witting on about stuff. Look, it will waste a few minutes of your time, that's the best I can offer.

In future I should do more of…

Published on 13 June 2008 in , , ,

At work it’s appraisal time. I don’t like appraisal time. Cos that means I have to write everything up that's been said so it can sit in the old virtual filing cabinet for 12 months until this time next year when it can be dusted off and I can sit with my line manager and see what I've achieved off my last set of goals, so that I can get a new one and write that out. At which point I'll end up writing another of these blog posts telling you all how I hate appraisal time.

Forgetting about, but not being forgotten about

Published on 16 May 2008 in , ,

Like the world and his giddy aunt, I'm on Facebook. And for various reasons, I'm rather hidden on it - if you don't know me, you won't find my picture; you can't see my friends list. You can find me, but you can't find much out about me.