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A good pair of walking boots

Published on 28 October 2009 in , ,

There's something about a good pair of hiking boots. As you stomp over hill and dale, a good pair will propel you forward and make even the hardest climb feel pretty good on the old feet. They'll feel part of you.

The post Cumbria Way facial hair

Published on 12 October 2009 in ,

It seems like months since I was up North walking the Cumbria Way, which to be fair it was. However the vagaries of normal life meant that ultimately I didn't get round to writing all the blog posts I meant to about my time up there - especially as I ended up writing a plethora of articles about London at the same time. Still when you've got blog posts to write, why not write them even if it is far too late after the event! Especially when one of the things I didn't get round to blogging about was facial hair!