Smeggin’ Wonderful (or Red Dwarf is rather good)

Published on 13 January 2003 in , ,

I can’t remember when I first started watching Red Dwarf. I remember my dad watching it, and that’s how I started.

I have a feeling it might have been around the time series 2 or 3 was first broadcast but I’ve been a fan ever since. My video collection is a testament to this. Every single episode is on a motley collection of VHS cassettes, well worn with use. I think I’ve even got most of the remastered episodes from series 1, but that abomination isn’t worth talking about, and will probably get taped over one day.

Most were recorded off the television, although there are are a few ‘proper’ tapes bought at various points. There’s the first tape from Series 1, second tape from Series 2, the whole of Series 6 and Series 7: Extended.

But now it has been joined by a newcommer. Red Dwarf series 1 on DVD.

I’ve had a DVD player in my computer for some time, and more recently in the Notebook PC. But the hassle of connecting the notebook up to the TV, then re-wiring the sound through the stereo system got too much, and a new DVD drive was ordered (arrived today).

I got the Red Dwarf DVD for Christmas, and had watched a few bits on the notebook whilst in Manchester, but tonight I got to relive it all on a decent TV, with a decent picture and decent sound. Those old, depleated VHS copies won’t be getting much use any more.

But what has been great has been reliving that first series again. I haven’t watched it for a long time, yet the quality of writing is still superb. Yes it may be incredibly low budget, and the set is a bit too grey, but the script still stands the test of time, and the way it is performed by the stars is just wonderful.

Red Dwarf is, in short a masterpiece. It’s one of those programmes that will last for many years. I for one hope I’m still re-watching them when I’m 80. The continuity errors may be ridiculously large in number, there may have been two completely different talkie toasters, but it’s a hillariously funny programme. It’s first episodes may be around 13 years old, but it’s stood the test of time until now, and will continue to do so.

Long live the Smeg!