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Great comedy comes from taking risks

Published on 15 February 2009 in , , , ,

I mentioned the other week that I was in the process of digitising my VHS collection, to see what interesting things I could find for prosperity. Amongst it was a trailer from 1996 when the BBC was doing another of it's "the licence fee is great cos it gives you things no one else would" campaigns.

Comedy Editing

Published on 4 February 2006 in , , , ,

Since getting my new PC, I've been taking stock and reviewing some of the stuff I've got on my hard drive - which is quite a lot actually. Old websites, copies of letters, and a bucket load of WAV files of goodness knows what. But most of all, I've been trawling through the several gigs worth of radio comedies that I've recorded from BBC7 and BBC Radio 4 over the last few years, and still haven't managed to listen to yet.