Hell hath no fury like a Today message board user annoyed

Published on 9 June 2003 in , , , ,

Proof if proof is needed, that web communities can get extremely passionate about their virtual homestead, was shown today following the relaunch of Radio 4’s Today message board.

Now resplendent in a rather fetching black, red and yellow number to match the new Today website, there was an unfortunate cockup which lead to anything but the first paragraph of a post on the board, being displayed in the same yellow as the background.

The code was little more than a stray line like this, that needed to be removed:

p { background : #fbfbe7 ; }

but didn’t stop the legions of board users (well a couple) from voicing their anger!

One person wondered "What the hell is wrong with the purchasing department of the BBC?" (which did make me wonder whether the BBC had dismantled it’s new media teams, and re-sited BBCi into the stationary cupboard at Broadcasting House, without telling anyone.)

But pity the poor person who made that tiny little mistake, as one user kindly said…

"Whoever is the technical bod responsible for the cock-up on this board today, should be sacked, or resign."

Which seems a bit harsh if you ask me! Still I will wait with interest to see whether one small stay line of code does lead to mass resignations within Radio 4’s web team. Somehow I doubt it will, but maybe the guilt will be just too much!