Cranks Light

Published on 6 November 2003 in , , , ,

I’ve never been a particularly slim bloke, but back in February I was getting on for 16 stone which was to my mind, getting a bit ridiculous.

Today I’m hovering around 14.5 stones, and even better it’s been like that for a while – so it’s sustainable. Of course I’d like to get it lower than that, but at least it’s not what it was.

To get down a stone and a half didn’t involve any crash diets or faddy Atkins crap. Instead it’s been about sensible eating.

Helping this no end has been Cranks Light, one of the many recipie books to come under the Cranks brand, and written by Nadine Abensur who was Director of Food for the Cranks chain of vegetarian cafes.

The cafes are (mostly) no more – they closed down a few years ago, although at least one proper restaurant remains, and Cranks have a big line in sandwiches and ready meals still going.

Cranks Light is a wonderful cook book. It’s full of recipes that taste great and are good for you. Recipes that make you feel good inside like the vitamin-tastic Broccoli Booster or the Broccoli, Pepper and Asparagus with hoisin sauce and couscous. Recipes that fill and warm you on an autumn evening like the Cannelloni bean casserole with spinach and smoked tofu. Recipes that just blast your taste buds like Pasta with wild mushrooms and brandy.

Even better it dispels the myth that vegetarian and low fat food are bland, boring and tasteless. You won’t find anything bland in this book, and even better – it will all be good for you.