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Quick and Easy Cooking for Students

Published on 25 March 2011 in , , ,

Like her more famous book, Grub on a Grant, Quick and Easy Cooking for Students offers a plethora of simple but tasty meals. Its more recent publication date means it has a greater emphasis on those staples of modern living like pasta and rice, but also takes the opportunity to introduce people to other grains like bulgar wheat and cous-cous.

Bread: From Ciabatta to Rye

Published on 23 March 2011 in , , ,

Linda Collister's book has become my bread bible ever since Catherine bought me a copy for my birthday. After a recipe for a standard loaf and details of how to make a sour dough starter, the book is split into different regions of the world, and contains a number of different recipes in each section, starting with America.


Published on 30 June 2005 in , , ,

Microwaves aren't particularly hard. You get a temperature setting and a time setting. Doddle. Dead easy. You pick your temperature and you pick your time. Any old muppet could cope with that. Now imagine you are presented with a

Cake for Sale

Published on 20 November 2003 in , , ,

Should you be in Bush House in London this Friday, there will be a cake stall for Children In Need.