The Great Housing Search

Published on 17 January 2004 in , , ,

I’ve kind of resisted writing about buying a house, partially because it’s depressing, and partially because the cost of housing is all anyone talks about in London. If talking about the weather is the national obsession, talking about property prices is the London one.

For some time we’ve been very aware that we have outgrown our current flat. At the same time, we’ve been getting the old parental thing about buying somewhere cos "renting is just dead money".

It may well be dead money, but looking at the economics of it all, it’s all quite scary. Thankfully I’ve got enough stashed away so that, with cash from parents and my Granddad, we should have enough money for a deposit, and the Halifax have said they should be able to lend us a ridiculous amount for the mortgage.

The biggest problem initially was finding an area. Catherine doesn’t work in the centre of London, and I’m going to be moving to White City later this year, so transport is key. Ealing would have been a perfect location if it wasn’t for the fact that the place is ridiculously expensive. So waving goodbye the Red Lion and Monty’s Nepalese restaurant, we’ll have to do.

Prior to Christmas we did a huge exploration of London and settled down to the idea of Tooting and Colliers Wood – south of the river. It was an exhausting process, and even now with just six flats seen – the first two last Saturday – my enthusiasm levels are a bit low, especially as Tooting and Colliers Wood are an hours tube ride away from our flat. And after a hard days work, the last thing you want to be doing is traipsing around property looking for something good.

Still there’s quite a good chunk of places we can afford that are nice, so we should be able to find something reasonably quickly. If we can get them out of the estate agents mouths in the first place. But that’s a post for another day…