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Estate Agents

Published on 21 March 2006 in , , ,

A BBC News website about dirty tricks and scamster estate agents makes depressing reading. Anyone who has bought or sold property knows that it's an extremely stressful experience. It also reminded me that I'd never blogged about the estate agent hell we had when we were trying to complete the purchase of our lovely little house.

Moving Fun

Published on 8 June 2004 in , ,

The tide of boxes got moved last Friday and this entry is coming from the computer in our spare bedroom, which is surrounded by boxes, boxes and more boxes. From scruffy rented one bedroom flat to own smart split level maisonette. Well almost smart - it does need a few bits of paint touching up, but it's certainly nice to be rid of all that dodgy rented furniture if nothing else.

World of Boxes

Published on 2 June 2004 in , ,

Friday is moving day and slowly but surely the flat is being filled into boxes. Big boxes, little boxes, medium sized boxes. Green boxes. White boxes. Etc etc.

Homeward Bound!

Published on 30 May 2004 in , ,

Some of the walls need a bit of a paint, the bathroom really needs a new bath, and the fridge freezer arrived with a big dent in it.