House Found?

Published on 22 February 2004 in , , ,

It’s been a slog but, well…. we think we’ve found the right place to buy.

It’s in Colliers Wood and we saw it yesterday. It just seems… right. Nice style of building, quite recent, good size rooms, close enough to the tube… It’s so good, I’m going to try and put an offer in on Monday morning.

It feels like we’re rushing it in a way. Shouldn’t we be seeing it again? Demanding copies of bills and things? Interrogating the neighbours? Hmm… But we like the look of it. It’s nice. The area is quiet. It’s a recent build so it can’t be that costly to run.

Just got to decide what to offer price wise. That’s the difficult bit – it does look a little overpriced for the area, but it’s so good part of me is just going "offer the asking price". Of course the bigger part of me is going "Argh! No! Don’t do that! Try and get some off!". But how much? Don’t want to offer too little in case someone else tries to nab it after all. But don’t want to offer too much for obvious reasons.

As first time buyers, this is just a little scary and daunting. Putting my pessimistic hat on, I’m sure it will all go wrong somewhere. But you never know until you try…