Shaun of the Dead

Published on 13 April 2004 in , ,

Saw the wonderful Shaun of the Dead yesterday, which for those of you who don’t know is a romantic comedy. With zombies.

Written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright (both probably best known as co-writer and director respectively of the wonderful TV series Spaced) it’s an absolutely fantastic film with a veritable whose who of the current generation of British comedy – Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jessica Stevenson, Lucy Davis, Peter Serfanowicz and Dylan Moran.

It even has a veritable plethora of brief cameo appearences from Tasmin Greg (who stars with Dylan Moran in Black Books), Matt Lucas (Little Britain, Shooting Stars), Julia Deakin (Spaced), Rob Brydon (Marion and Geoff) and Martin Freeman (The Office and Hardware). In fact it only seemed to be missing one Bill Bailey.

And that’s where I have to ask the question – did Bill Bailey star as a zombie extra outside the pub?

I ask because for a moment I’m sure I saw in the crowd, someone who looked very much like Bill Bailey. Okay a couple of minutes later there were two other zombies with beards and long hare who didn’t look like Bill, so it could have been one of them. And it was only a fleeting glance, so I was probably wrong. And the entire internet seems to think he wasn’t in it which makes it highly unlikely that I would be the only one to notice.

I’ll probably buy the DVD when its released and see that the person in question looks nothing like him, won’t I? And then I’ll look a complete twonk and have to write an entire post about how much of a twonk I was. But that will wait until it happens. And it will. Of that I’m sure.

Tis a fantastic film though!