Published on 23 April 2004 in , , ,

Have I mentioned that the estate agents are a bunch of cowboys who I will never use again if I can help it? Their service is diabolical and looking back with hindsight, I just can’t help but wonder just how much they’ve told us, is nothing more than a blatant and total lie. I suspect it’s more than we know.

Names and reasons for these statements will be given. But only once the contracts have been exchanged and all has happened. I don’t trust them with a bargepole after today.

Unfortunately as a buyer, you have to go where the properties are, but believe me, there is no way on earth that I would ever let this company sell a property for me.

But you’ll have to wait to after exchange day (currently Wednesday) for more because I don’t trust them one bit. I doubt they’d find the post before then but I don’t want them making my life more stressful than they have so far this week. And all for absolutely no reason at all.

On a good note though, the solicitors have been absolutely fantastic.