Leaving Ealing

Published on 25 May 2004 in , , , , , ,

Just a few days before we get hold of the keys… We’re not moving in straight away – but waiting until the following weekend but it’s getting… well exciting that finally we’ll have it, but sad as well.

Sad at leaving the familiar sights of Ealing, saying goodbye to the Red Lion – the first pub which I’ve ever considered myself (and indeed have been considered) to being a regular.

Goodbye to DK Monty’s – where the curry and tandoori is simply out of this world.

Goodbye to Ealing Common – it’s been nice walking over you in the morning, especially since the council started letting the grass grow in certain areas a few years ago. This year it’s really taken hold and is full of all manner of wild flowers and things.

Goodbye to… err.. well… hmm… Well to be honest, that’s it. Three nice things about Ealing and not a lot else! But they’re important things and I will miss them.

We’ve got a week and a half left, and then a trip back to do some cleaning before we return the keys, but it will be sad to say goodbye after four and a half years.