Moving Fun

Published on 8 June 2004 in , ,

This entry is coming from the computer in our spare bedroom, which is surrounded by boxes, boxes and more boxes – which were lugged around by a combination of my parents, myself and Catherine in a white van last Friday. From scruffy rented one bedroom flat to own smart split level maisonette. Well almost smart – it does need a few bits of paint touching up, but it’s certainly nice to be rid of all that dodgy rented furniture if nothing else.

If you’re wondering, the computer got online on Sunday but I wasn’t using it, choosing instead to be ill in bed which is just what you want when you’ve just moved. So ill was I that I even called in sick from work yesterday, something I’ve not done for years. And it did rather leave Catherine to spend Sunday sorting things out whilst I groaned and snoozed on the bed we’d assembled the day before.

Still everywhere is beginning to take shape and we’re slowly beginning to think about what we’d like to do to the place to make it more ‘ours’. We’ve still got someone elses furniture – the sofa is my parents old one, the dining table from my Aunt Joan’s – but at least its a lot nicer than the awful stuff we were lumbered with in Ealing – and the living room at least will look especially fantastic when we’ve got some new bookshelves to replace the el-cheapo crappy ones bought from Argos as a temporary measure three years ago.

Almost makes leaving The Red Lion worthwhile…