Flat Junk

Published on 12 June 2004 in , , ,

When you’ve moved in somewhere, the last thing you want to do is go back to your old rented pad and clean it all. Which is what we did today.

And what a dump it was looking. Getting that place looking decent took a miracle and a lot of bleach and even then it was looking a mess. Given the place probably hasn’t been redecorated in years, that’s probably not surprising.

Even better we had the joys of reassembling the flat into its native state, which meant unpacking all the junk that came with the place. Notable items included some hideous pineapple shaped bowls, some manky pans and some truly awful coffee and sugar jars. It went well with the crystal glasses and doilys for the tables.

Hmm. Yes. We’re going for young, modern, middle class professionals. What should we put in the flat? Hmm. I know. A lace doily. With a wicker basket on top.

Quite why the flat lumbered us with all this crap I don’t know. If I had my time again I’d have got them to take it all away before we moved in. As it was, we spent three years shoving it in a cupboard out of the way – in fact half our kitchen cupboard space was taken up by it.

I mean, who is going to want to use someone elses plates, someone elses glasses, someone elses salt cellar? We certainly didn’t want to – goodness knows what had happened to it over the years.

I suspect these items just sit there until someone moves in. At that point they get shoved in a cupboard out of the way for a few years until they get dragged out when its time to hand back the keys, when the whole process starts (sadly) again.