What Would Be Nice…

Published on 17 March 2005 in , ,

There are some things in life that I just wish were true for me. Such as…

  • I’d like to actually get a job on the first attempt at going for it. Doesn’t matter what. Just like it to happen.
  • I’d like all my DIY to just be… well done!
  • I’d like to have just a quarter of the talent of Kevin Greening.
  • and I’d like to be able to make people fall around in hysterics. Deliberately. Not just by walking in the room or anything.

Don’t know about you – obviously cos I don’t know who you are if nothing else – but that last one is important to me. Knowing that when I’m feeling a little fed up, a little tired, when life isn’t quite going to plan, or whatever… all I have to do is shove Father Ted in the DVD player and I’ll be right as rain in next to no time. Watch two episodes and I’m really away.

Cos if there was no comedy, I’m not sure I would know how to cope. A good laugh can make even the darkest moment seem happy and fluffy again. Not that I’ve had many moments in my life that have been that bad. Maybe a sort of mid-grey or something. But you know what I mean.

And it has to be said, if anyone can watch the My Lovely Horse video and not be in hysterics at the end of it… well I’m just not sure I believe it…