Published on 23 June 2005 in , , ,

Funny isn’t it that you spend more time preparing to upgrade your operating system, then you do actually upgrading your operating system.

I think it took me about four hours to get my backup CDs all done and dusted, compared to 45 minutes to get the amazingly titled ‘Mandriva 2005 Limited Edition’ onto my PC. Well it makes a change from Mandrake 10.0.

I did contemplate going for SuSe or even Ubuntu, but better the devil you know sometimes. And I have been using Mandrake for a long time now.

And thankfully things have come a long way since I first tried installing SuSe 5.0 on my old PC Cazbar, all those years ago in 1996/7. For that first Linux install didn’t go very well at all, managing as I did, to completely wipe my hard drive. And of course, what didn’t I have? Ah yes. A back up.

Thankfully the backup disks weren’t needed this time. But it’s good to know you’re safe.