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Hello Again

Published on 29 August 2005 in , , ,

You may be pondering why I have been strangely quiet for the last eleven days. Or you may not. Hey, why should you?

Grr Mandriva 2

Published on 11 July 2005 in , , ,

I gave up on Red Hat some time after because I'd updated my copy and everything went wrong. Nothing worked properly - it was a mess. I went onto Mandrake. And it was great.

Grr Mandriva

Published on 5 July 2005 in , , ,

It has just taken me thirty five minutes to log into my PC this evening. For those thirty five minutes, the X server just refused to boot up. Why, I am at a loss to know. The graphical login page just returned me to itself.


Published on 23 June 2005 in , , ,

Funny isn't it that you spend more time preparing to upgrade your operating system, then you do actually upgrading your operating system.