Less Stones, More Plants

Published on 9 July 2005 in , ,

As I’ve said before, I’m taking far too much of an interest in gardening these days. Recently I began to think about doing something with the small flower bed that sits at the end of the drive.

When we moved in, there was a narrow strip for plants and behind that was mostly piles of pebbles and stones – lots of them. A clematis was at the right.

Earlier in the year we’d planted some new bedding plants and got rid of the weeds (and boy were there a lot of weeds) but it wasn’t quite right for me. The stones area was just plain and empty. I decided to do something.

New Plants

The idea was to split the area in half – one half would retain the stones (surrounded by wooden log things which already existed) and the other would be de-stoned and some bushy and colourful plants put in, instead. And this afternoon we pulled it together and it looks rather nice.

One of the big problems are the stones – a combination of the ones we removed, and the ones we’ve filtered out of the soil when we’d been digging. It was just full to the rafters of them – more stone than soil – so much so that we ended up doing the old soil prospecting. Bunging a load of stone/soil in a plant pot and shaking it until all the soil came out the bottom, and the stones remained! What fun! After a couple of hours work, we now have a large plant tub just full of the confounded things.

New Plants and Surrounding Area

The other problem is that whilst the new area looks very nice (there’s still a few gaps for new plants and things), the overall effect is sadly dampened by the fact that the remaining stony area is where we have to bung the bin and recycling boxes! Makes a very attractive overall effect, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Still, I’m sure the bees of the area will be in heaven sniffing out the pollen of the new lavender plant.