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Links for 25 May 2010

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GTmetrix – Website Speed and Performance Optimization For all the web developers out there in the hood, this is quite a nice tool that helps you optimise your website for faster loading. Judged on the results, this site isn't too bad already although it's given me some ideas to help just shave away a little at the speed, and you'll start seeing the results as I slowly replace some of the almost unmaintainable code that's running this site at the minute. Don't expect it to make a drastic change to the way you view Planet Bods, but overall it will make some small differences. 6 Music closure ‘defies belief’, says music industry | Media | "The BBC's own charter makes crystal clear that the corporation is specifically tasked with stimulating creativity and cultural excellence. It defies belief, therefore, that the BBC is proposing to close a radio station that excels at doing exactly this, particularly when 6 Music's audience is growing in leaps and bounds and virtually the entire UK music community is united in support of it." Boris Johnson urges Londoners to grow food in coffee cups – Wimbledon Guardian Pah. Rubbish. An old hiking boot is much... View Article

The Balcony Food Zone

Published on 10 August 2008 in , ,

Regular readers will know that I like my food, and I'm keen on quality. I've baked my own bread for around two years now (and indeed, as I type, there's a malthouse loaf proving in the kitchen), and I like to eat good quality food.

Hanging Baskets and Saving Water

Published on 4 June 2006 in , ,

We're in a drought situation. The reservoirs are not exactly in a good state and Thames Water have already instigated a hosepipe ban. So I confess to being in a bit of a quandry about whether we should have hanging baskets this year. After all they take up a lot of water.

Less Stones, More Plants

Published on 9 July 2005 in , ,

Recently I began to think about doing something with the small flower bed that sits at the end of the drive. When we moved in, there was a narrow strip for plants and behind that was mostly piles of pebbles and stones - lots of them. It was time for a change. And fewer stones.


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There's something quite pleasing about eating something you've grown and you simply can't beat the taste of freshly picked herbs in your food