Hello Again

Published on 29 August 2005 in , , ,

You may be pondering why I have been strangely quiet for the last eleven days. Or you may not. Hey, why should you?

Anyway if you have been curious, I’ve been strangely quiet as I’ve been in Iceland. Catherine and myself left on the 19th and came back on the 28th. It was great. There will be blogging, and photos in due course, but first I’m trying to get the old PC working again after trashing it before we left. Yes, that’s right. I trashed my PC ten hours before my holiday. Tsk.

In short, Mandriva gone. So long. Hello to… Ubuntu! Couple of slight issues due to migration but nothing serious. As I’m slowly but surely reconfiguring everything, and getting everything back in working order.

And then my dear friend, we will take over the world! Well maybe Streatham anyway…