Decorated Result

Published on 2 October 2005 in , ,

It was about six months ago that an epic journey was started. A journey that would see a complete redefinition of the way I lived my life. A journey that would shake the foundations of the world I lived in. It’s impact is larger than can be imagined.

Yes. I started decorating.

Indeed it was around April 2005 that, with the aid of Catherine’s parents, we ripped out the old sliding doors wardrobe and tore up the manky, 20 year old grotty carpet. And there the whole thing stayed – a right mess for months on end. It was only during a week off after our trip to Iceland that we got back in the flow as the old disgusting ‘Canary Yellow’ paint made was for something called gentle fawn.

Days later the laminate wood flooring (European Oak style) was laid, and on Monday evening this week, we rushed out to Ikea after work to get a new sofa bed, some new wardrobes, a chest of drawers and two new desks.

Over the space of the week, the wardrobes were slowly errected, and the sofa bed made. On Friday evening, my parents were down so my dad put the wardrobe doors went on whilst I made some food.

Yesterday, tatty desks, knackered cheap bookcases and random bits of waste wood were taken to the local dump. Today my parents drove off home, with a small CD tower and two tatty chest of drawers which will probably end up with my sister when she moves out in the next few months.

So here it is. I’m sat at my new desk, typing away on my old PC, in a room I now feel happy to be in.

It’s not finished yet – there’s some bare plaster next to the new lightfitting that needs painting, we could do with two new desk chairs, and the walls need some pictures of something, but finally I like being in this room. And it’s an important room to like being in – the room is our study, my office when I work from home, and our spare bedroom. It’s also where the second TV is, should we both want to watch different things.

Perviously I hated being in here, with it’s horrible colour scheme, it’s ‘temporary’ curtains and its nasty carpet. Now it feels nice and happy. It may have taken a while, but it was worth the wait.