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Decorated Result

Published on 2 October 2005 in , ,

It was about six months ago that an epic journey was started. A journey that would see a complete redefinition of the way I lived my life. A journey that would shake the foundations of the world I lived in. It's impact is larger than can be imagined. Yes. I started decorating.

Off Work Serenity 2

Published on 21 December 2004 in ,

I think it says something about me. If I write down and tell someone that I can't be bothered to do something, I then go and do it.


Published on 15 August 2004 in , ,

Is there something about owning a house? Something that makes you do things like spend ages in Homebase comparing the different types of tub that you could put it on the balcony.

What I Did Last Night

Published on 22 June 2004 in , ,

Following on from some conversations at work and just in case you're wondering, no I did not watch England vs Croatia last night with the rest of the country (well a third of the country if we believe the ratings). Instead I did someone that was actually useful.