Must Have Cyber Figure

Published on 13 November 2005 in , ,

I was on the Victoria Line yesterday, and was looking over my shoulder to see what station I was at when I happened to catch something in the Metro. It was one of those “adverts” they have for the Daily Mail where they trail some amazing story, usually of the form “How my daughter ran off with an Afgan terrorist AND managed to lose weight whilst making sure her house price didn’t fall”. Either that or something about diets or black dresses.

This one was telling you how to get “this autumns must have hourglass figure”. Cos obviously every woman is sat on the tube at 8:30am on a Thursday morning wondering how on earth they’re going to change from their pear shape to an hourglass to make sure they don’t look the wrong shape when they’re in all the fashionable London bars. After all, their DKNY jacket just wouldn’t work without their Jean-Paul Gautier silhouette.

Anyway, the picture next to the caption seemed to give away the answer. It was a picture of a woman in a corset. So obviously I now know how to transform myself for fashion.

Now I would have forgotten all about that had it not been for something I saw first thing this morning. You know what I’m on about – it’s a clearly obvious connection. Yes, it’s the new look Cybermen from Doctor Who!

The new look Cyberman.  Copyright BBC

And will you just look at that! Clearly the Cybermen are followers of fashion as they now have this seasons must have figure! Slim waist, wide hips, bigger chest area. Yes, the cybermen have gone hourglass!

Not quite sure that the rather scrawny looking face goes with the look, but at least these are one set of cyborgs that the Daily Mail can include in their fashion pages, and know for sure that they won’t look un-trendy.