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Links for 26 April 2010

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I keep forgetting to post these, so I hope you’re not forgetting to read them! First off… the Doctor… Doctor Who fans angered by trailer for Over the Rainbow – BBC News Frankly an example of EVERYTHING that is wrong with modern broadcasting, and a prime example of EXACTLY the kind of thing the BBC SHOULD NOT be doing. EVER. This incident made me embarrassed and sad to be a BBC employee. BBC Complaints On an unrelated note, if you’ve ever wondered how to lodge a complaint to the BBC… Doctor Who: The Adventure Games: first episode, The City of the Daleks, revealed – And now a happier Doctor Who story. A fascinating insight into how the Doctor Who adventure games were built, showing how involved the TV team got in putting the games together. Elsewhere, trains seem to be a bit of a feature… Aslef to bid to run East Coast mainline for no profit – BBC News Apparently the train union Aslef wants to run the East Coast Mainline, which has not exactly had a good time of it of late thanks to GNER and National Express bidding too high and not being able to make it... View Article

Links for 22 February 2010

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London’s lighthouse and the story of Trinity Quay Wharf – BBC London London has a lighthouse. I never knew. Residents want answers over “hated” Colliers Wood tower – Wimbledon Guardian "At a public meeting last week more than 100 residents voiced their anger at the condition of the 17-storey structure – which they claim is crumbling dangerously and has become home to rough sleepers." Whether London's ugliest eyesore has or not become home to rough sleepers, I don't know. I do know that someone asked me for some spare change a couple of nights ago – and that's never happened in the six years I've lived in the area. UK Newspapers Want BBC Mobile Apps Blocked For ‘Undermining’ Them, BBC Disagrees – paidContent:UK "I wondered how long it would be before print media pointed at the BBC’s new smartphone apps plan as another example of expansion in to their commercial territory. The answer: just 24 hours…" How Time Lord Doctor Who took on Mrs Thatcher – BBC Newsnight "Doctor Who actor Sylvester McCoy has claimed that scriptwriters of the cult TV show wrote material in the 1980s which was designed to undermine Margaret Thatcher's government." BBC R&D Heritage Microphones On... View Article

When you move house, you tell people where you’re moving to. Now why don’t websites do the same?

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One of the wonders of having XML feeds is that you can keep up to date with what's going on quite nicely from one place instead of having to go through hundreds of different bookmarks, remembering what you've seen and what you've not. And it's something more and more sites are now realising that they should provide, and which will bring them traffic.

Everything Comes Up Rose’s

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With the latest series of Doctor Who getting ever closer, news is creeping out about cast and enemies. Like this little one today - according to BBC News, Billie Pipper is popping back for three more episodes.