Roadworks and Boilers

Published on 30 October 2007 in , , ,

It’s bad enough that thanks to Thames Water’s “infrastructure renewal” programme, that our driveway has been blocked off for nearly two hours – the only driveway on the street to be blocked off incidentally – but thanks to roadworks I’ve been sat working from home all day waiting for a British Gas engineer to come and fix the heating (again!), only for no one to turn up.

It took me making two phone calls to find this out) they couldn’t get down the street due to the roadworks blocking it all off when they shouldn’t have been. And quite why it took me to phone up twice to find all this out I don’t know. And as for why it’s taken British Gas two weeks to sort out this broken part is another good question. But it’s been a huge waste my working day, because I spent it all day here at home rather than in the office, able to speak properly to the people I needed to speak to.

And don’t even get me started on quite why a 25 year old set of water mains needs replacing above the huge amounts of crumbling Victorian pipes that London has….