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Ah, heat at last!

Published on 9 November 2007 in , , ,

I won't truly believe it until this evening when it will have been running for 24 hours, but this morning I woke up and the house wasn't ice cold. Could this mean that the heating saga (and posts) are now over? Here's hoping!

Still no warmth

Published on 4 November 2007 in , , ,

So I'm looking at my stats in Google Analytics, and blow me, if it isn't the case that the most popular pages on this here blog, are ones of me moaning about central heating.

Roadworks and Boilers

Published on 30 October 2007 in , , ,

It's bad enough that thanks to Thames Water's "infrastructure renewal" programme, that our driveway has been blocked off for nearly two hours - the only driveway on the street to be blocked off incidentally - but thanks to roadworks I've been sat working from home all day waiting for a British Gas engineer to come and fix the heating (again!), only for no one to turn up.

Venting Air

Published on 8 June 2007 in , ,

About a year ago we had our gas heating serviced. As we had the year before. And as we have since. It's a twenty odd year old system and I was keen when we moved in to make absolutely sure that it was always in good working order, and that we weren't suddenly about to die of carbon monoxide poisoning or anything.

Yet Another Blog Post About Heating

Published on 29 January 2007 in , ,

So on Saturday night the pilot light started going out again. Sunday morning I re-lit it in order to warm up the house. But before that, I blew away some dust from the front of the heating unit. Since then, the heating pilot light has remained on and we've had a warm house. Go figure.

Wishful Dreams

Published on 28 January 2007 in , ,

I know reading about problems with my central heating isn't the most exciting thing in the world. Indeed it's nowhere near exciting. So I'll allow you to ignore this post if you like. I'm posting it mainly because it's good therapy to get it off my chest.

Heating, Water and Cylinders

Published on 26 January 2007 in , ,

It's funny - when I was talking to people at work about the fact that I'd be working from home today waiting for the engineer to come and look at the hot water (he's been now and hopefully all will be fine) everyone seemed very surprised that our heating system was merrily away chugging along after 23 years of service.