Still no warmth

Published on 4 November 2007 in , , ,

So I’m looking at my stats in Google Analytics, and blow me, if it isn’t the case that the most popular pages on this here blog, are ones of me moaning about central heating.

Alas it isn’t the case. But I’ll fill you in anyway.

Yesterday an engineer turned up to look at it – a different person to the one who has been looking at it so far – and he duly takes a look around and spots that the transformer which feeds the fan is in appalling shape. Frayed wires everywhere.

He tells us this with maybe a hint of despair in his eyes, and says without quite saying it, that he suspects this was the problem all along and he’s amazed it wasn’t spotted before.

Of course that means a new part… But anyway he also apologised for us being messed around so much recently, and that he was bringing one of his bosses with him on Tuesday to make sure it was finished there and then once and for all.

On the plus side, it has to be said that almost everything in the central heating unit has been replaced – some of it possibly unnecessarily – and with any luck it will all now work for another ten years without problems. He said about the only thing that’s left to go wrong is a gas valve. I’ll take his word for it.

Now I just have to wonder what my premiums are going to look like next year. After having a load of work done in the spring, I noticed that when the contract came up for renewal, the price had been hiked about four pounds a month. What I don’t want is the fact that we’ve had a huge number of call outs and some potentially unnecessary work, to affect the cost once again.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens on Tuesday when yet again I’m going to have to work at home – I’m hoping I haven’t got any meetings, but my work webmail isn’t working… Ho hum. Still, at least it’s relatively mild weather at the minute…